My story



My name is Judy, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Montreal, Canada. Yes, I eat a lot of poutine and I speak english et français. I have had diabetes for 17 years now and I finally accepted this rollercoaster disease.  I learned how to give myself injections at the early stage of my diagnosis and was already independent since I was testing alone and taking care of myself. However, we all want to be a little rebellious at one point of our lives don’t we ? Teenagers have that tendency to say ''whateverrr’'' and just go with the flow. Well in my case, I experienced this stage through my diabetes. I was eating so much fatty food without even giving the good amount of insulin, eating a lot of carbs and not testing often. However, I think we all have that phase and I took it all out on my disease since I was tired of it and tired of being ''the sick one'' or ''the different one''.

Things changed and recently, I finally accepted my diabetes.  I fully accepted it actually. I wouldn’t have started this website if I wasn’t fully comfortable with it. I took appointments with my endo, a nurse and a nutritionist. I went allll in: it’s all or nothing with me. I also started a food journal and started working out a lot and taking care of my body. I lost almost 20 pounds! Also, I got myself this awesome machine called the insulin pump and it changed my life! I got it with the Dexcom because I wasn’t feeling my lows anymore. These two machines combined together brought my A1C down and I can’t be any happier than that!

On a more personal level, I graduated with a Bachelor' s degree in Business Administration, Marketing. I then continued my studies in law for almost two years but then realized that it was not my destiny, so here I am ! 

I hope that my posts and products will help you, and most importantly, inspire you!

- Judy