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with integrated pocket for the insulin pump



T1 diabetes is a part of you......but not a limitation!

I started my T1 diabetes blog in 2017 and today, I decided to go one step further with the HyperHypo Sports Bra. Diabetes already has enough challenges, and my goal is to make other T1 diabetics feel less alone.Feeling like being a part of a community is a big + in diabetes management, and this is what I aspire to do with my blog posts and T1 products.


We already need to count carbs, inject insulin, wake up at night, check our blood sugar, drink those juice boxes and make crazy math calculations. On top of that, we have to worry about our robot parts when working out.

Leave making comfortable T1 sportswear to me! I am here to help!

How did I get the idea ? 


Intensive workouts

Doing kickboxing or a HIIT workout? Taking spinning or dancing classes? The insulin pump can often be in the way, limiting the movements. Now you can just put it in the integrated pocket and work out in full confidence! No limitations.

Mindful workouts

You like the ''take it easy'' workouts more? These include going for a walk, or even doing yoga poses, but what happens with your pump when you do that '' downward dog position''? You guessed it, it usually falls off. That's when the HyperHypo Sportsbra can come in handy!

Options are unlimited

So many more workout options are here for you : jogging, soccer, biking, you choose! Talking about options, the sports bra even fits the Omnipod's PDM. You don't have to carry it around anymore : hop in the pocket it goes!


Here to support you!