''You don't eat meat ?!?''



'' You don't eat meat?!?!''

I get that reaction a lot. People are surprised like I am out of this world. Yes I stopped eating meat. No I don't eat chicken wings anymore. 

Then people ask me? ''So you're a vegetarian? '' My answer is always: '' yes, but I still eat fish and seafood. I am a pescatarian''. And 90% of the time people tell me that I am not a real vegetarian then. Call it whatever you want, the point is I stopped eating meat and chicken a while ago for multiple reasons and I feel good about it!!!


I decided to switch to a pescatarian diet last February. I was never a fan of steaks and ribs ( I never actually ate some because it disguts me.) I have NEVER cooked chicken in my life. I would eat it, but it would have to be almost burned for me to eat it. It was impossible for me to see the pink part of the chicken. 

I have always wanted to switch and become a vegetarian but I would always tell myself that it would be too hard. I would think that chicken and meat had no carbs so they were a good way to feel full without injecting insulin. 

But then one day, I was watching Cowspiracy on Netflix and felt SO disgusted. I was hiding my face half of the time because I couldn't look at the images. I always knew where meat and chicken came from but to see it was something else. Then the documentary was done. I sat down. Traumatized. Made a life decision. No more meat and chicken for me. My next step will be to stop eating seafood and fish, but I'll do it when I'll feel ready.

What is the link between this diet and diabetes?

For me, and remember that everyone is different, it changed a lot of aspects of my life:


I noticed that since I stopped eating meat and chicken, my body is so much lighter. I am able to meditate and to live in the present more easily. Eating meat made my stomach so full and bloated, and I was always tired. Now I have more energy to relax, enjoy the present and worry less about my blood sugar rising after a big meal. I can also include conciseness in that aspect. I realized that I am now more conscious of what I am eating, and conscious about animals around me and their rights. 

Less cholesterol and fat

Everybody knows that: too much cholesterol and fat are not good for your heart, and your body in general. And they're especially not good for type one diabetics. Since I switched to a pescatarian diet, I feel lighter and more healthy. I have to admit that at first I was eating more cheese because I needed low carb snacks, but I learned to control my temptations. Also, less fat, means less high BGs. Everytime I would eat a burger at a restaurant, I would be fine for 2 hours and then BOOOM, HIGH before I know it. That's what fatty food do: they raise the blood sugar hours later. With less fatty foods in my body, I am now able to avoid that! 

Healthy eating

Since I stopped eating meat, I haven't had fast food!!! I didn't even think about it when I stopped. I never thought that the last McChicken I had was the last one. When I realized that, I was like: ''oh well, I'll be healthier!'' I do sometimes, but very rarely, go to McDonalds to eat some fries, but at least I don't harm my body as much as when I was eating processed meat. 

Healthy cooking

I learned so many new recipes so I can still eat tasty food. I started cooking more, discovering new food, tasting new things. I have never tasted tofu before and now I cook with it ( to everyone saying it doesn't taste good: it only tastes what you cook it with!) It is not true that vegans, vegetarians ( and pescatarians if you don't include us in that category!) only eat salads and vegetables. We can get creative!