JDRF #T1DLoud Campaign


Hi Diabuddies!

World Diabetes Day is coming up pretty quickly! On November 14 to be more precise. For this special day, JDRF created a campaign called #T1DLoud where they inspire all type one diabetics to make some noise about type one diabetes.

So what’s this campaign all about?

JDRF wants us to raise awareness and funds! They are encouraging all T1s to share their story on social media using #T1DLoud, and that way, it can motivate others to do so! They asked me to share my own personal story and experiences, and that’s what this article will be about!

A lot of you probably already know many facts about me since I started this blog a while ago, but it never hurts to write about it again! For the readers who never read my articles or heard about me, I hope you’ll enjoy my story ! :

My name is Judy. I have been a type one diabetic for 18 years now. I was diagnosed when I was 7 and I have to admit, I really had my ups and downs with this disease. It has been a real roller coaster, like my graphs some days! With the help of my parents, I started managing diabetes at a young age. I was lucky to have family and friends around me who were very supportive. However, and weirdly, I was always so secretive about my disease. I would never tell anyone that I had diabetes, like I was shy about it. I would never test or inject insulin in public. Sometimes, I would even be low and not tell people, and go eat a chewy bar without being noticed.

A couple of years ago, I realized that diabetes is a part of me. I can’t take it away (well for now), so might as well see the disease in a positive way and live with it that way. I decided to create an Instagram account (@hyper.hypo) and realized pretty quickly that there is a HUGE community out there. Not only it is huge, but also people are so supportive! I realized that T1s help each other so much because we all know exactly what we are going through. I liked the fact of being in the diabetes community so much that I decided to create my own blog and talk about subjects that I think almost all T1s can relate to. People were writing to me telling me how much my articles helped them and the feeling of knowing that I am making a difference is indescribable.

I was living with diabetes for so many years but I never wanted to talk about it, or feel part of a community because I thought: it will make it true. It will make myself feel ‘’sick’’. However, it was the best decision that I ever did. Not feeling alone is the best feeling. You know exactly what others are going through and we can all help each other out with tips and motivation.

I used to be so shy about my diabetes. I used to be so ashamed, mad, and angry. I wanted to be like the others, but then I realized: I am different. A good kind of different! Don’t be afraid to tell people about your T1D. From the moment I accepted having this disease, I had so many people asking me about what my pump was about, about the difference between type one and type two, about the symptoms of hypo and hyperglycemia. The more you talk about it, the more you raise awareness.

November is my favorite month, not only because it’s my birthday, but also because it is National Diabetes Awareness month! On top of that, it is also World Diabetes Day on November 14! It is your chance to share your story and raise more and more awareness! #T1DLoud