Q&A with a T1 diabetic

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Happy Thursday everybody! For this week’s blog post, I had the honour to have another guest blogger! Her name is Marissa Dolan and is also a T1D advocate ( @marischristineee) !

Marissa wanted to share some tips and tricks, as well as explain her daily life with type one diabetes! I find it very helpful to read different stories and recommendations, as everyone is so different and the same all at once! She was kind enough to answer my questions regarding her experience with the disease, and her answers were more than motivational:

1. Let's start with your diagnosis story: when did you find out you were a T1D and how?

It’s hard to know the exact story only because I was so young but I was diagnosed with T1D at 4 years old. My mom always describes how sick I was as if I had the flu, which is exactly what she assumed it was at first. Something told her to get me further checked out and we have a history in our family of Diabetes so it was a shock but not too shocking.

2. What tips would you give to someone newly diagnosed?

I would say to fully research as much as you can on the disease. Use social media to make other T1D friends, ask questions to anyone who would have knowledge especially your doctor. Also never feel alone: I know that it is easier said than done but trust me, there are so many of us around the world and this community is one big family.

3. 5 day-to-day things you do to manage your diabetes?

1.) Test 4 to 5 times a day

2.) Bolus whenever I eat or if my sugar tends to rise

3.) Count my carbs as much as I can to keep my sugars in range

4.) Exercise whether that’s going for a walk or going to the gym

5.) I keep a journal of my sugars to see how what my blood sugar trends tend to be

4. How do you deal with '' ugh'' (or bad) diabetes days?

For me, during my bad days I always feel like laying in bed all day because it drains me literally. I always try to stay on top of my sugars for that day to make sure I don’t drop too low and go back up too high. I also find that having Water or Gatorade tends to help as well.

5. What is one of your most beautiful experiences that you had with diabetes?

One of the beautiful experiences I have had with this illness has to be when I was first diagnosed. The local college football team came to visit and gave all of us patients a t-shirt and other goodies. Till this day I still have that same t shirt and it will always be a keepsake for me.

6. Did you ever feel different because of your diabetes?

Yes! Especially in high school when for any young girl it can be difficult but for me, it was extremely hard. I felt so out of place and I used to be ashamed, even to walk around with a pen or to have my pump sticking out since I didn’t want anyone to know what I had.

7. What are your favourite foods that do wonder to your blood sugar levels?

I love spaghetti squash! I tried the home cooked version or the frozen isle packaged kind and both are amazing. I also love carrots and peanut butter for a good healthy snack, enough protein and it does not cause my sugars to rise.

8. Last but not least, describe your diabetes in one word:


Marissa is an involved T1D blogger who also shares a lot of articles related to lifestyle and T1D, bringing the community even closer! ( IG: @marischristineee ; W: 98nchronicallyme.com )