You are what you eat

As you all probably know, the first thing you have to take care of when managing your diabetes is food. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and you can still have those little snacks or sweets you want to have, but remember, the key is moderation. As frustrating as it can be, there's a lot of stereotypes about type one diabetics not being able to eat sugar and I am probably sure you already had someone asking you: oh you can eat that cupcake? YES WE CAN! As long as you know how much insulin would be enough to cover those carbs, you’re good to go!

As I was saying, a good way to manage diabetes is to eat healthy, and by healthy I mean a lot of veggies and low fat food such as whole grain products. You can do so by eating brown pasta or rice for example, and even quinoa. We all crave some fast food sometimes and it’s normal, but beware of them, they are misleading! A lot of times when I ate fast food, such as fries and burgers, my blood sugar levels were fine at first, but then they would skyrocket so fast 2 hours later. That is because the fat found in this type of food takes time to be digested and you only feel the effects later. That’s why I personally decided to cut meat and chicken from my diet, and therefore to avoid a lot of fast food places!

A powerful tip I can suggest to keep track of what you are eating is to keep a food journal. It can be in a notebook or in an agenda, the choice is yours! It can take some time at first and you will maybe think that it is unnecessary and a waste of your time, but trust me it is not and it is soon going to be a part of your routine! It’s going to be really helpful when you analyze your data and you want to find the problem, whether it is insulin or what you ate. It can also be helpful when you start working out and you want to follow your blood sugar levels after exercising to see what affects them. Another advantage of a food journal is that it helps you have a steady schedule of your eating habits since it is important to have 3 meals a day and preferably at the same time everyday (which I know can be hard with our busy schedules!).



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